The Cold Edge is the official website of author Leo Carew. His debut novel, The Wolf, is released in April 2018. Find out more here.

The blog posts contained in this website are mostly a celebration of cold places. Many of them are based on my experiences with the Arctic Nature Guide course, located on the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard (old Norse for The Cold Edge). Svalbard itself is a very special place, located roughly half way between the top of mainland Norway and the North Pole. It is therefore really very far north and features Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost permanently inhabited settlement, near which I spent a year living in a tent. Svalbard is also home to over 2000 polar bears, an abandoned Russian utopia, seasons of permanent dark and light and the thing which drew me there in the first place: the Aurora Borealis.

Leo Carew is a writer, future army doctor and wannabe astronaut.

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    • Hi Jack – it’s reasonably competitive. In my year I think there were about one hundred applicants for around twenty places. Of course, as offers are made quite late in the year and going off to Svalbard is a big commitment, there’s inevitably a lot of people who can’t accept their offers. They therefore have quite a long reserve list that they can turn to if the original twenty offered places can’t accept. So they maybe make forty offers overall.

      Selection is based on a combination of outdoor experience, your motivations and your school/university achievements. Hope this is helpful – good luck!

  1. Hi Louis!

    Great reading about your experience with ANG.

    Can you tell me how old were the people participating in the ANG program in your course?

    • Hi Fred! I seem to remember the average age was about 26. The youngest person there was 20 at the start of the course, and the oldest 37 I think. Hope this helps!


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